Saturday, 18 May 2013



This afternoon I almost did not take my camera when Ram and I went on our afternoon walk.  I did out of habit.  As it turned out we came upon a new bride and groom on their way to Golu Devta Temple after their wedding ceremony was completed.  You will notice the bride is crying.  This is partly due to tradition.  In earlier times the marriage was arranged when the girl was very young.  Ram's mother was fourteen when she was married.  The new bride cried when it came time to leave the only home she ever knew to go to her in-law’s and husbands home.  Now the bride must be eighteen and the groom twenty one before they can legally marry. This still is most likely an arranged marriage.  She may have meant the groom once or twice.  She would have had the opportunity to say no.  She will be leaving her family and going to the home of her new in-laws and groom, strangers.  This home will become her home.  Her parents-in-law will treat her like own their daughter. They honor her because she will, in time, mature and care for her husband and his parents as they grow older.  If the groom has any siblings, there will be much laughter and teasing between the bride and her brother and sister in-laws.  The bride will slowly grow into the role of a wife.  She will at first care for any Younger children in the home and be given small household tasks to complete.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Considering the area of India is one third the size of the United States, I find it interesting India ranks second to the United States in agricultural production.  Even more interesting is most of the farming in India is still done by hand and with the use of farm animals on small family plots versus large mechanized farming found in the United States.  I find myself more appreciative of the food that is on my table and for the hard work of the Indian farmer.

Tea Garden Near Munnar

Image by jonbrew plantation workers pick tea
Potato Farm Near Dhanachuli
Wheat Farms  Near Bhimtal
Harvesting Wheat

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