Sunday, 15 February 2015


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”   Mahatma Gandhi

Dr. Sing consulting with a patient
Dr.Yuvraj Singh lives his life by these words.  Dr. Singh is a successful Eye Surgeon living In Bharuch Gujarat.  He owns Desai Eye Institute & Research Center with branches in Bharuch, Vadodara and soon to open in Ankleshwar.  The branch in Vadodara is a state of the art optical and surgery center which provides multispecialty eye care and surgery. Recently he added a medical doctor with an added specialty in Diabetes and a pharmacist to the branch in Bharuch.  When it opens in February this year, the Ankleshwar clinic will offer eye care and general medical care with a physical therapy department.  He will also have a pharmacy and laboratory drawing station on site.

Sunday January 11, 2014, I was privileged to observe a medical camp sponsored by Dr. Singh.  The camp was held at a village school near Bharuch and Ankleshwar. Dr. Sing along with ten other doctors, a nutritionist and pharmacist provided health care and screenings to 1,100 villagers.  Dr. Singh gave out 162 pairs of free reading glasses and provided medications handed out by the pharmacy according to prescriptions written by participating physicians.  He is able to arrange for free cataract surgery if it is needed. He said a simple thing like reading glasses can make a big deference in one’s life.

Dr. Sing said he tries to hold a medical eye camp every Sunday always in a different location so he can reach more people.  Once a month he organizes a multi-specialty camp.  He was proud to say more doctors in the medical community are starting to follow his lead and organizing camps themselves.  Dr. Sing said the local Rajput community has also helped him with the camps by providing advertising, helping with crowd control, moving furniture and whatever else is needed in order for a camp to be successful.  Dr. Singh's ultimate dream is to build a hospital near his village. Now the villagers must travel long distances for medical care.