Monday, 26 March 2012


Ram has gone to India to find our home.  We and our two dogs plan to live in India for at least a year to see if we like it, to see if we can adjust.  Sadly we see our country, America in a decline.  The government is out of control, spending rapidly increasing, our freedoms are slowly being eroded. God is being taken out of our schools and public buildings.  Our history is being changed(falsified) in our history books.  If this continues America will not recover.  We need a soft place to land.  My India born husband wants to go home.  This may be an option to outsource our retirement.  I am looking forward to a totally new experience.  Ram is looking forward to reconnecting with his family.

Previously we had looked at South and Central America but were not totally convinced.  Then Ram mentioned India.  I hadn't considered the possibility because of the distance.  Now that I have done some research it makes sense to me.  English is widely spoken, good medical care is available,  it is a democracy.  The Indians are very security couscous and control their borders well. Ram knows the culture.  Best of all, due to the dollar-rupee exchange rate( one dollar equals about 50 rupees) it appears we can live well.