Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Today I re-booked our airline tickets to India.  I am so happy.  We leave 1/14/13 for Florida and fly out of Orlando to Delhi.   There is much to do between now and then.  Thanks Giving, Christmas and three grand kid's and my husband's birthdays are near.    Then taxes will be done and our Tennessee home will re buttoned  one more time.  Things do happen for a reason.  We will be able to stay for a year or longer. We lost the house we were going to rent due to the delay.  Our Son, Jeevan in Haldwani was able to find us a 2 bedroom house to rent for $200.00 USD in Bhimtal not far from the house we were originally going to rent.  My husband did not find out if it is furnished or not. If it is, great.  If not I will have fun discovering my own Indian style.  Now that Obama has won the election I am even more determined to make India our home if she will have us.  There is something freeing, just going with our electronics, clothing, toiletries and our two dogs.