Tuesday, 24 March 2015


IndiaLiving for me has come to an end.  It has been in incredible two plus years.  We came with the intention of outsourcing our retirement here.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  My husband learned you really can’t go home again.  I learned I am extremely adaptable.

The India my husband left forty-five years ago is not the same India today.  Her population has exploded.  The infrastructure has not been able to keep up.  Sadly, India is literally drowning in he own feces, garbage and corrupt bureaucracy.   

Come visit India. See magnificent ancient architecture that is thousands of years old.  See the opulent palaces of warrior kings.  Hear the stories of valor and self-sacrifice.  Witness the splendor of the Himalayas.  Experience a camel safari in the desert.  Take a medical vacation.  You will save thousands of dollars. 

Do not try to live here.  For me it is not worth the aggravation of dealing with the bureaucratic nightmare, trying to travel on roads filled with potholes and enduring a two-hour traffic jam all for the want of a stoplight or traffic officer.  If you have a pet you will not be able to bring it with you unless you are an overseas Indian resident and have been out of the country for at least two years.  If you have been gone for two years, think twice.  Dealing with the Animal Quarantine Officer is very stressful.  Coming to India we missed our flight because of their arrogance, incompetence and untimeliness in managing paperwork they demanded.  Our two dogs will NEVER set paws in this country again.  As I write this, Ram is dealing with the Animal Quarantine Office trying to get our dogs out of India.  On the first visit to the Quarantine Office, Ram was told the dogs must be microchipped. The Quarantine Officer stated all Indian dogs must be microchipped.  None of our Indian friends’ dogs are microchipped.  Though they are American dogs born in America, the officer insisted they must be microchipped.  THE USA DOES NOT REQUIRE IT!! ….. They are now microchipped.  Today if we do not have the “blessing” of the Animal Quarantine Officer we will miss our flight.

Leaving India is bitter-sweet.  I will miss friends, family and the spiritual peace I found in the Himalayas.  We plan to visit again to see family, friends and for all things medical.  It may be separately.  One of us will remain home with our furry children.

Up date:  We are starting home to the USA tomorrow. Our doggies have their final exit papers!!! We will make our flight!