Friday, 17 August 2012


Now that my husband has received his OCI, Overseas Citizen Of India, which is a permanent visa, I am super frustrated with the process of getting my fifteen year Indian visa better known as PIO ( Person of Indian Origin).  Though I am NOT a Person of Indian Origin, the Indian Embassy states that is what I need.   On  8/2/12  I sent in the required documents and fees along with their check list.  Cost to mail $25.00.  On 8/8/12  I was notified they wanted my Indian passport or Indian citizenship renunciation form.  I told them I was never an Indian citizen nor was I of Indian Origin.  They then said they wanted Ram's original renunciation of Indian citizenship form. I informed them per their check sheet, I sent them a copy of his OCI  and his renunciation sheet was submitted when he applied for his OCI. The OCI proves he was once a citizen of India and names his child hood residence.  No, not good enough,  they must have the original renunciation form  I sent them the required documents along with an enclosure letter.  Cost to mail $25.00. On  8/13/12  I was notified the documents matched up and will be sent on to the Consulate.  YES!

On 8/16/12 I was again  notified again my Indian passport is missing and needed.  Now I am getting a bit angry.  I again explain my non Indian citizenship status .  At this point they want my husband's birth certificate.  He got on the phone and explained when he was born there was no such thing as a birth certificate.  India was still under British rule and they didn't care to know where or how many Indian babies were born.  Proof of former Indian citizen ship was requested.  Ram politely told them they have a copy of his OCI SENT WITH MY ORIGINAL PAPER WORK.  Not good enough.  They was copy of high school graduation certificate.  They agreed a faxed copy will do.  Sent same day. Yea, did not have to fork over another $25.00

Today, 8/1712  I received an e mail again requesting MY INDIAN PASSPORT OR RENUNCIATION FORM!!!!   It's a good thing it's Friday and they are now closed,  OTHERWISE I WOULD REACH THROUGH THE PHONE LINE AND STRANGLE SOME ONE.  I may cool off by Monday OR NOT.

Please pray for me.