Monday, 20 August 2012


The saga continues.  I spoke with Travisa Outsourcing this morning, asking why for the second time are they requesting MY Indian passport and renunciation form when my PIO application and birth certificate clearly state I was born in the USA, am Caucasian and am NOT a Person of Indian Origin.  They had no answer.  I was kicked up to the next level of idiots.  Same question asked.  She decided I did not need an Indian passport and renunciation form.  I thought I was good to go, but no.  Now they want Ram's village high school certificate which is Hindi  translated into English!  At this point Ram got on the Phone and had a heated discussion.  He told them to forward all the documents to the Indian Embassy.  He was sure an Indian there could read and understand Hindi.  He was informed no, the document must first be translated, then forwarded.  He then in his most arrogant Indian authoritative voice  demanded to speak to a supervisor that had the authority to make an intelligent decision .  After much discussion he was told the documents will be sent tomorrow.  This was at 10 AM. " Why not today?" Ram demanded.   No, not until tomorrow.  You missed the 9 AM pickup.  And so the saga continues.