Monday, 17 September 2012


It is Constitution Day  here In America. Two hundred and twenty five years ago today our constitution was adopted and signed.   It is with a heavy heart and at the same time great excitement that I booked our airline tickets to India.  My husband has wanted to go home for a long time.  I have never been.   My knowledge of India consists of what I have read and the stories my husband tells of thirty years ago.

I love this country, America.  I love her Constitution and the freedom that it stands for.   I respect and admire our Founding Fathers who, trusting in Divine providence, created this Democratic Republic, a grand experiment never tried before; the idea that  men can govern themselves, that all men are created  equal, that is with equal opportunity to work and to achieve their dreams, each limited only by their abilities  and desires.

My America is no more.  She is in decline.  Slowly she has turned away from her Divine founding principles.  She is no longer " a beacon of light shining on a hill " leading the way to freedom. She has become Socialist, high jacked by the Progressive Movement.  Her population has been dummied down by an inferior educational system and has been wooed into becoming lazy and complacent.  Her government has become dysfunctional and ineffective.  Politicians no longer care for her people but only about their next re election.    She finds herself thirteen trillion dollars in debt, a debt from which she may never recover, leaving  for the first time the next generation worse off than their predecessors.

I am neither Republican or Democrat.  I am an American.  This next Presidential election will decide my country's fate as well as mine. The outcome will decide if America continues to go down the Socialist path or will turn back to her founding principles.  Even then it may be too late.  We may have already gone over the financial cliff.

I am going to India, my husband's birthplace.   We have not turned our backs on our country.  At the same time we must have a soft place to land and a place where we can survive if our country does not. We  and our dogs leave 10/16/12.