Tuesday, 9 October 2012


In order for our dogs to fly to  India the airline must have the health certificates within 10 days of booking our tickets.  We have lost 2 days because the weekend and Nashville USDA( United States Department of Agriculture)was closed yesterday.  The Indian Customs Health Officer must issue a NOC(No Objection Certificate) before the dogs ever board the plane in the USA.  The Indian Customs Officer will not accept a direct fax of all the forms.  For this our Grandson, Vaibhav in New Delhi has kindly agreed to do this for us.

We spent the entire day obtaining our dog health certificates.  First our veterinarian had to certify that our two dogs Katie, White German Shepard and Nanhki, Toy Fox Terrier are disease free, parasite free and up to date on their Rabies vaccines.  This documentation must be on the Indian Government forms.  From there we drove  eighty miles to Nashville in order to secure the USDA's stamp of approval.  The USDA veterinarian found that some of our veterinarian's paperwork was not completed and no it could not be done by fax.  We notified our veterinarian we were driving eighty miles back  and they must be on standby by to complete it.  Back to Cookeville we went and then once again back to the Nashville USDA.  This time our paper work was accepted and stamped. Once home all paperwork was faxed to India.   One more day lost and also we are dealing with a twelve and a half hour time difference.  Everything is now complete at our end.

Now we wait.   If the NOC is not obtained by the sixteenth we do not go.