Thursday, 18 October 2012


Guess I am getting a taste of how India works or I should say doesn't.  The Indian Customs Officer did not process our paperwork timely and stated he did not have all required documents. We contacted a professional pet re-locator, Pet Fly who looked at our documents and said we had provided everything necessary. Guess the Customs Officer  did not get a bribe from an inexperienced family member helping us. Bottom line, $600.00 to re book our tickets and will have to start the pet passport paper work all over again as every thing must be done within 14 days of departure for India, 10 days for airline and 30 days for USDA in Nashville. We will use the Pet Fly, the cost 15,000 INR/ $277.00 USD, peace of mind priceless.   We plan to go at the end of Jan. after we have filed our taxes. I am sorry to have missed Durga Puja.  The good thing, we will not have to come back to the States to do our Taxes in March.