Tuesday, 20 August 2013


When two Hindu people marry, it is believed that their souls are joined together for at least seven reincarnations.  The Bride is offered to the Groom by the Gods as a gift and therefore he must treat her as a queen.
A Hindu wife must serve her husband by serving him as she would God.  She must always remain obedient, cheerful and serve him by treating his friends and family with respect and service.  She is expected to dress finely in all of her jewelry when he is present and not to dress up when he is away.  She is not to associate with other men intimately.  She becomes everything to the family.  She becomes the family’s counselor and supporter and maintains a calm within the family.
A Hindu wife is expected to be devout and maintain dharma, those behaviors considered necessary for the maintenance of the natural order of things including duty, and all behaviors considered appropriate, correct and morally upright. This includes worshiping her Gods, observing all religious rites and holidays, and fasting when required.
A Hindu wife is expected to keep her house neat and clean and decorated according to the tastes of her husband. She is also required to serve good meals to her husband and his friends, relatives and associates as a sign of her support of him.  She will eat only after her husband children and family have been served.
The highest purpose of a Hindu marriage is procreation, therefore a Hindu wife has the duty to bear children for her husband, and to love, protect and nurture her them with her whole being. It is her duty to raise her children in the Hindu faith and love and serve them completely.  In return a Hindu husband's duty to respect and nurture his wife,
Once beyond child bearing and raising, a Hindu wife’s duties are to continue with honoring her husband, keeping her faith and her house, and extend to acting as counsel for younger members of her caste and community. Her wisdom and knowledge at this stage of life is culturally valued, and she instructs and guides younger women in their Hindu duties.  If her husband dies she no longer wears jewelry or colorful clothing.  She is expected not to remarry and will lead a chaste life in meditation and worshiping her Gods.

As a White Indian Grandmother I fall short.  It is a goal that if strive for.  My children, Hindu husband and familyare my everything.