Monday, 7 October 2013


It has been an “It’s India.” sort of week for me.  The monsoon type of weather has returned, this time cold and damp.  My freshly washed cloths won’t dry.  Normally not a problem, I dry them in front of our portable heater blower but it craped out.  It’s under warrantee.  The company is having someone pick it up on Tuesday for repair, or so they say.  Everything operates on “Indian time”.  I don’t have faith it will happen as stated.  Hopefully it will be it up while Kamla is here.  She was shocked at the to do deep cleaning list I gave her.  That is another story. 

We are leaving for Delhi  by overnight train this evening. We have booked a sleeper car so the trip won’t be too bad.  Some clothing I had planned to take will not be dry. It has been on the line for two days.

Sunday, yesterday we tried to make an 8 hr. hotel reservation.  We get into Delhi ay 4 AM and fly to Patna 6PM.  The hotel answered but stated that it is Sunday and we cannot make the reservation until Monday.  He answered the phone for God’s sake!  Why couldn’t he just go ahead and make the reservation?  We previously tried to make an online reservation but the site was requesting a zip code and the online form had no place to put it.  Therefor we could not complete the transaction.  

We will be in Patna for a few days then on to Rahmatpur Ram's village via car.  The house there has been empty for a long time.  All of the copper wiring disappeared a long time ago.  Ram has arranged for the house to be cleaned and made ready and for the use of a generator.  It sounds like we will be kind of camping out.  At any rate I am excited to visit my husband’s birthplace and meet his family that is still there.  I’m also happy to be in some warmer weather.  Hopefully not too warm, I hear it is still on the hot side.  

Oh, I must remember to take toilet paper.  It is not widely used here.