Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I have enjoyed hearing about my husband’s childhood growing up in Rahmatpur.  Now I have finally been able to visit myself.  The original house is no longer there.  We stayed in the home built by his late brother.  The house plan was designed by my late sister in law and was modelled after her father’s home. It is built on three levels around a center court that is open to the sky.  It has been empty for many years.  The wiring and light fixtures were stolen.  We rented a generator to run some lights and fans and brought our drinking water from Patna.

Front porch

First floor.  The centre court is open to the sky and surrounded by a covered walkway which is surrounded by separate rooms, four bedrooms a bathroom, kitchen and indoor water well.

Two twin wood bed frames were put together and covered with quilts.  This became the formal gathering place for the women during the day and the grandchildren’s bed which was covered with mosquito netting at night.  Bahurani Purnima is quite comfortable with our son Keshar standing.

Our bedroom.  The bed was wood covered only with quilts.  I wished I had my camping air mattress. Misquote netting was added at night.


Indoor water well..  No we did not use this water.

                    Second floor.  Here there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, storage rooms and a large balcony.                                             

Second floor

This bench is on the second floor covered walkway.  My late sister in law enjoyed drinking tea and visited with her lady friends here.  It would have been covered with a quilt. 

Second floor
View from third floor.  Here there is a smaller balcony and more storage..

Another third floor view

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