Wednesday, 30 October 2013


In Rahmatpur, my husband’s ancestral home the old ways are still observed and respected.   It is very much a patriarchal society.  Married women wear a sari.  Brides cover their head and hide their face from all males older than their husbands.  The married women of the household bathe and dress early in the morning just in case a visitor arrives.  The village is still talking about the scandalous bride that dared to visit the village two years ago wearing a salwar kameez.  As far as I could tell there is no dress code for the men.

The head of the household routinely receives visitors on the front porch.  Ram informed me it would be better for me to remain inside.  If he wanted to introduce me, he would bring his visitor inside to meet me.  The women visit together inside the home and enjoy drinking chai (tea).

Ram chatting with  a neighbour.

Ram is getting his nails clipped from the third generation barber.

Bahurani Purnima told , me I had to get my toenails painted.  She said I had no choice and it was expected.

This lady is also a barber that will paint my toenails.  She is grandmother to Ram's barber.

I did d not know toenail painting included most of my foot.

At least I am in good company.

These two barbers serve all of the Singh family in the village.  Each Singh household pays for their services with grains and other farm products. Because our family seldom visits we also gave them money and saris.

I am now ready to receive visitors.

These are two of my bahuranies (daughter in laws) on my left and my sister  in  law  to my right.

More family.