Sunday, 21 September 2014


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IndiaLiving has given me a different perspective. My live is peaceful. Without the continuous bombardment of television commercials and programming I have discovered the less stuff I have, the happier I have become. I removed myself from politics and the rat race of the world and made some discoveries through reading and reflection. I guess you could say I have detached.

My understanding of God has changed.  God is good, Pure Love, Pure Light incapable of creating evil. God is not a judgemental or a punishing God.  Because He did not want to impose His will on man, He gave us free will.  It is man who has created evil in this world.

I have learned that country, political party, skin-color and gender do not define me. That is not who I am. I am a soul. Genesis 1:27- God created man in his own image. I am a part of what some call God, Pure Energy, Source, the Great I Am. I am a soul encased in a human body, having a human experience.  My soul chose to incarnate into this body called Cindy to learn the lessons that I need to learn and to have experiences I need to have in order to achieve Perfection.  Perfection is to let go of ego and to love unconditionally. Not easy by any means.

Knowing that we choose the life we are living and choose to endure certain experiences makes forgiveness a litter easier. If I am abused in this life, perhaps I was the abuser my previous life.  I need to learn both sides of the issue in order  to forgive and love unconditionally. I no longer am concerned about world events or outcomes. No matter what happens to my body or my world, the real me, who I really am, soul will continue. I will never die. My God, Source of all Creation is Pure, Radiant, and loves unconditionally. The I Am that I Am is not a judgemental angry God ready to punish us for our sins. Having given us free will, He expects nothing from us. He is a Loving God with Infinite Patience and Understanding.  He loves us unconditionally without judgement.  I will never be doomed to hell for committing a sin.  I will simply endure reincarnations until I get it right.  If I commit evil during this lifetime, my next life will not be pleasant.

When my body, known as Cindy dies; the real me, soul energy will become free once again. Other more advanced souls will help me to review my human life experience. Together we will determine what life lessons I learned and what future life experiences I need to continue to grow towards enlightenment. After a rest and reflection, I will choose to reincarnate again to continue my education. As I increase my understanding and perfection; at some point I will no longer need to reincarnate. As an Enlightened Soul, I will be able to help other souls to continue on their journey toward enlightenment. I will grow closer to and become more like the Divine Source, Creator of all.

Did I have to come to India to gain this understanding? No. This is where I happened to unplug from the constant mind control of the TV and began to read and seek answers to the questions I have had for a long time.  Do I have all the answers? No.  Is my path the path you must take? No.  You must discover your own.  Just as there are many roads to your city, town or village, there are many roads to the I Am.