Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Ram, after four months finally has his Indian driver’s license.  During the process he asked for a traffic rules manual.  There is none.  After many trips to Haldwani and a lengthy time consuming process, he was given a learners permit.  He was told to return to the RTO (Regional Traffic Office) after one month to get his regular driver’s license.  He did.  At that time he was given another form to fill out.  It was complicated and confusing.  He wound up hiring an agent to assist him.  Two days later he returned to the RTO with the completed form and fee.  There was no written test.  The RTO officer asked him where his car was.  Ram pointed to it.  The officer asked him to bring it around to the front of the office.  This area was a congested jumble of parked vehicles of all types and sizes.  There were no marked parking spaces and no designated traffic path.  Drivers in vehicles with honking horns and pedestrians were trying to get into and out of this area.  Ram asked his driver to bring the car around.  THAT WAS THE TEST!!  Ram was given documentation stating he was a qualified driver and told his driver’s license would arrive in the mail.  It did five days days later.

This is the link to the unofficial driving rules in India.  It is funny and very true.