Saturday, 26 January 2013


Yesterday we celebrated Kinni’s 17th birthday.  After breakfast and morning worship we went to a temple where offerings of sweets were purchased and offered to the Gods.  She also received a birthday blessing from the Purohit.  From there we dropped her off to have her hair done, did some shopping for her party.  We also picked up my two saree blouses and petticoats that were dropped off to the seamstress two days before.

Birthday parties happen here much like they do in the States. Happy Birthday is sung with an additional verse added, May the gods bless you. May the gods bless you.....  Kids get together in one part of the house with laughter, talk and presents.  The Moms chat in another part.  A good time had by all.

Kinni tells me this is her best birthday because her Grandparents are here.  She does not miss her late grandparents as much.  I feel honored.

Kinni with her Dadi Ji

Singing Happy Birthday