Friday, 18 January 2013


We have finally arrived in New Delhi 3:30 AM with six large pieces of luggage and our two dogs, Katie a white German Shepard and Nanhki a Toy Fox Terrier.  Getting through customs was simple and easy.  After retrieving our luggage we found our dogs waiting for us accompanied by two airport porters who also assisted with getting a  small taxi van.  We were also met by Dr. Chaudary and his wife, owners of PetfIy.  They were most helpful in obtaining the No Objection Certificates needed to gain entrance into India.  We could not have managed it without them.

 I  almost was lost in the throng of people in the airport loosing site of husband, luggage and dogs. I felt a bit panicked but managed to find them.  After several attempts of loading the dogs luggage and us we were off.  The driver had a bit of a problem finding the address, but was persistent.  I couldn't see much of anything because of the early hour and rain. Arriving at 4:30 AM, our grandson, Vaibhav and granddaughter in law, Ila greeted us at the elevator. Her parents and brother also have separate apartments on the same floor.   The taxi walla assisted with getting luggage and dogs loaded onto the elevator and into the apartment.  When we entered to apartment building grounds I noticed a small security guard building.  The security guard was keeping warm by a open wood fire.

 We were all in bed by 5: 30 AM and up at 12:30 PM for my first Indian meal.  Ila is a very good cook and I realized I won't starve due to dislike of the food.  I don't know what I had but it was tasteful.   Vaibhav mad a run to the local store to get dog food for the dogs.  He returned with Pedigree.  After lunch we went to the bank to exchange our cash for Rupees and to obtain a sim card for our mobile phone.

 I found traffic to be chaotic and a cacophony of beeps and honks. Vehicles of all sorts, motor cycles, bicycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, new cars, small beat up trucks and an Indian Army regiment on camels move in mass. The rules, always beep at intersections, when making a turn, at some one in your way  and for any other reason.  Whoever gets to the intersection first and is largest has the right of way and it is not necessary to obey one way only street signs.  Access to store parking is interesting.   There were two narrow drives ways between two rows of parallel parking.  No one way designation was posted. The driver must turn into the drive with a good chance of meeting a vehicle going the opposite direction.   Then there is an exchange of hand jesters until one driver gives in and backs into a free parking space or street.

Once back at the apartment Ila's parents invited us to tea (chai).  I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with them.  I also met their daughter in law who lives in an apartment on the same floor and a daughter still at home who has recently agreed to an arranged marriage.  Her parents are now looking at prospective grooms.

That evening  we visited our grandson's new upscale bar/ restaurant known as PAC ( Personal Access Code).  Interestingly enough the establishment does not advertise  but by word of mouth.  There is no sign advertising the restaurant.  Once at the door  one must make a phone call  for the Personal Access Code to get in.  Once received the visitor must punch in the code to gain entrance.  Down stairs is a nice bar and upstairs a nice upscale restaurant.  There are also two private rooms for parties.  The theme and decor is based on a private 1929 underground New York Bar and Restaurant .  The menu contains American as well as Indian Dishes.   I never expected anything like this here in India.  Another restaurant is planned  for Mumby.

We arrived back at the apartment around 11:30.  I feel we have been In India for a few days when it is actually only one.  I found the people warm and friendly and traffic fun as long as I'm not driving.  I have enjoyed my first taste of India.

First look at New Delhi from our Grandson's apartment