Monday, 11 February 2013


We have met with the landlord of the three bedroom cottage that we had originally planed to rent.  He has turned that cottage into storage for construction materials he is using to build a hotel addition on his property.  We informed him that when we agreed to rent that cottage it was clean and ready to rent.  We expected the same level of cleanliness with the two bedroom cottage he proposed to rent while the three bedroom was unavailable.  He suggested that we rent one of his hotel rooms with roomservice and all meals as well as personal laundry for $1000. 00 USD/ month.  He states his three bedroom cottage will be ready for us in one to one and a half months.  We agree to his offer knowing that it will be three months or longer.  He has no incentive to get us into the cottage we originally agreed to rent.  At this point we feel we have no choice.  We have imposed upon Jeevan and Bahurani Sudah long enough.  We have suffered a bate and switch.  We will immediately start looking for another home to rent.