Wednesday, 27 February 2013




Things that I have noted here in India.  Almost every American company is here,  McDonalds to KFC, Honda to Ford, Nike to Adidas....  you name it, it's here.  The Walmart brand is found in different stores and is made here in India.  Walmart stores are to come soon I hear. There are Indian soaps, movies and a couple of English channels HBO, CNN, BBC and a couple of others on TV..  Commercials are the same.  However Indians use creams to lighten the skin while we in America to go darker.

 India has a huge problem with the lack of and crumbling infrastructure.   Electricity comes and goes on a regular bases.  Most middle class homes and businesses have backup generators that automatically kick on.  Cable and wifi come and go also.  Roads are narrow and inadequate causing traffic congestion.  Road rules are not observed.  Whoever is the biggest has the right of way.  One often meets traffic going the wrong way .  Traffic is impeded by cows, bicycles and horse drawn carts
The lack of  and decaying infrastructure  is compounded by the fact that many companies are owned by the Indian government.  The following link will give you a list.  
The Indian government is slow, corrupt and to get anything done bribes are often involved.

 A lot of construction is done by hand and pack animals use to transport construction materials.  Her people make up for it with a can do attitude and unstoppable spirit.  This once socialist country has now embraced capitalism.  There are small businesses every where.  Some on mobile carts.
Construction mule and carts 
Mobile lunch counter
The one thing I do not understand is all the garbage that is every where.  I just don't understand. It is just accepted.  There seems to be no plans to manage it.  Forty years ago it was not a problem,, With the use of plastics and now disposable baby diapers the problem has exploded.   Gandhi and the Indian military have spilled their blood for this country and her people treat it like a garbage dump!