Friday, 8 February 2013


We are now visiting Ram's nephew, Jeevan and his wife, Sudha.  Due to extended family complicated relationships they are considered our Son and Bahurani (daughter in law).  Jeevan is three years younger than Ram.  As children they were best friends and inseparable.  During the course of conversation we discovered Ram is actually three years older than he thought he was!  We all had a big laugh over that realization.

 Jeevan is an Ophthalmologist working for a charitable hospital here in Haldwani.  Bahurani Sudha works with him fitting glasses.  Interestingly, the hospital accepts all patients regardless of income level.  It's funded by an endowment, government and patient donations.  The hospital provides them a two bedroom home on the hospital grounds and a driver.  They run home in between patients.  We are in their private residence which is located about a half mile from the hospital.  We get together for breakfast and lunch at the hospital residence and then here for supper.  

 I'm still trying to learn how to cook Indian meals. I usually get invited out of the kitchen due to my elder status.  I am not allowed to lift a finger.  The stove is a sophisticated camp stove with three burners.  I have never seen an oven in any of the homes I have been in.  All have microwaves blenders and a refrigerator.