Thursday, 7 March 2013



Our beloved Nanhki died today.  It happened quickly, gastroenteritis.  We are not sure how she contracted it.  Twenty four hours before she died her appetite was off.  She developed vomiting and diarrhea around 10 PM.  We took her to the veterinarian the next day.  We were told her condition was grave due to hypothermia.  I immediately suspected sepsis.  He gave her antibiotics, an anti-emetic and a 250cc drip of RL.  The plan was to repeat the same every 12 hours.  We were told we must bring her back to his clinic for each dose and remain with her during the administration.   There is no such thing as inpatient for pets.  We are an hour from the vet and the drip was to be administered over 3 hours.  He agreed to allow me to do it and sent us home with all medications and necessary supplies.  Sadly she died about an hour after we arrived home.  Not knowing where to bury her we called our regular taxi driver for advice.  He came immediately and told us he would bury her with his pets.  Two of his dogs have been killed by leopards.  He said he will plant a tree to remember her.  He also had grown attached to her.

It seems the Toy Fox Terrier is a rare breed here in India.  We were always asked what her breed was.  On our walks she always drew a crowd.   Ram's dentist insisted she come into his clinic to visit. Anywhere we went, if she was not with us we were asked to bring her with us next time. The dentist visited her during the vet. visit to ensure everything was being done for her.  She will be missed.