Sunday, 31 March 2013


Yesterday we went to Nanital to cash the last of our traveler’s checks.  We have found them, in our situation, to be very inconvenient.  They are not accepted by merchants and only the larger bank branches will cash them in a limited amount.  Prior to coming to India we established an account with the State Bank of India in New York.  We use bill pay to send funds to that bank.  We have access to those funds from any State Bank of India here in the country, at which time the funds are converted from US Dollars to Rupees.

As we were driving into the town of Nanital I felt there was something very different.  I then realized there was no garbage on the streets.  I later saw a sign posted indicating Nanital is a plastic free zone.  As we drove further into the town I actually saw a garbage truck picking up garbage!  Now if only the rest of India would catch on to the idea.  We decided to go to the Nanital market for our weekly grocery shopping.  I was pleased to see the merchants using paper to wrap items or just placing the Items in the shopping bags that their customers brought with them. 

We happened upon a sweets shop where Jalebi was being freshly made.  Ram could not resist the temptation.  The proprietor gave us a sample of Glulabjamun which is very sweet and syrupy. We could not resist getting some. The Glulabjamen was packed in a plastic bag.

Our drive to Nanital was beautiful and the road was in very good condition.  It is my desire to find a cottage to rent somewhere between Bhowali and Nanital.  Rentals are not well advertised here and are found by word of mouth.  Maybe we will get lucky.

Nanital market

Vegetables are sold by the kilogram

Jalebi being made