Saturday, 9 March 2013


Two weeks ago we were invited for worship at the home of our Son, Jeevan and Bahurani Sudha.  It took place in her Pooja (worship room) and was lead by a Purohit, a person knowledgeable in Hindu traditions, teachings, rituals and ceremonies.  His role was similar to a Christian minister or priest though there is no such thing in the Hindu religion.  Prayers were said and food offerings of sweets and fruit as well as a sweet milk like drink were made to the Gods. The same was then offered to us, reminding me of the Christian Communion ritual. During Pooja the Purohit indicated we should ask for what we want.  I replied that I have everything that I want. For his services a monetary donation as well as vegetables and rice were given.  He also teaches Sanskrit literature full time at a local college.  I found him interesting to talk to.  He expressed interest in leading Pooja for us in our cottage once we are settled.  Sadly we do not have a Pooja room after all, but I am sure we can make do.

Bahurani Sudah's Pooja room