Friday, 1 March 2013


Today we officially rented a cottage in Bhowali.  The rent is $300.00 USD/month.  We paid up front for water for the year.  The nice thing is that the water comes from 300 feet down and supposedly requires no filtration.  Ram is skeptical, fearing the famous Delhi Belly.  I am the Ginny pig.  I drank water from our landlords tap.  

I was pleasantly surprised when we were asked for our passports and Indian ID (our OCI and PIO).  I am glad to see India securing her borders.  Too bad America does not care to do the same.  Now that we have an official rental receipt we can obtain local SIM cards for our cell phones and apply for some sort of Internet connection either Wi-Fi or DSL via a land line phone.  Again I am happy that India is so security conscious.  Speaking of that, we have found that is not advantageous to use traveler’s checks.  They are not cashed locally.  Not all cities have a bank where one can get them cashed.  The larger banks will not cash a large amount for fear you may be funding a terrorist organization.

Stairs down to front door
Front door
Living room


Gas cook top

Downstairs bedroom
Downstairs bathroom