Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Locally grown fresh vegetables

Locally grown fresh fruit

One of the things I really enjoy here in India is the vast amount of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have been here for over three months nowIn that time I have had nothing canned or frozen.  I feel great and have a lot more energy.  My husband, Ram no longer experiences a burning sensation in his feet that plagued him in the United States.  We both have unintentionally lost some weight.  We attribute this to our GMO-Genetically Modified free and preservative free diet


I was devastated to know GMO seeds are in use here in India.  I am relieved to know our state, Uttarakhand, as well as New Delhi: Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka have banned the use of GMO seeds.

The use of Monsanto GMO seed has had a devastating effect on India’s farmers.  Monsanto promised higher crop yields with less cost to the farmer.  Even though the Monsanto seeds cost 1000 times more than traditional seeds, farmers were promised cost savings because with the use of Monsanto’s” magic seeds”, crops would be insect and parasite free. The Monsanto crops were not insect and parasite free.  Farmers were not told their crops would require twice the amount of water, a scarce commodity here in India.  Two years in a row their crops failed.  Monsanto refused to permit them to save and plant their own seeds for the next crop forcing them to buy Monsanto seeds again.  As a result over a 200,000 famers have taken their lives.  The surviving families cannot pay their debts and have lost their farms, homes and livelihoods. They are the poorest of the poor.  


India is now suing Monsanto for biopiracy, the destruction of traditional crops with genetically modified crops.  It may take years to go through the courts, but it will be well worth it.  India’s food supply and the livelihood of her farmers are at stake.