Saturday, 13 April 2013


It’s funny how things take a turn when you least expect it.  We thought we had found the perfect long term rental in Dhanachuli.  However, the owner asked an exorbitant monthly rent, 100000 rupees or $1851.00 USD per month.  We decided to rethink living in that particular are for several reasons.  One- the area seems overpriced, two- the weather is quite cold and three- there are were no larger hill stations close by.  The cold would ordinarily be a problem for us, but in India homes are not built with insulation and there is no central heat.  We have found the space heaters do not work that well either.

Ram and I were becoming disillusioned with the area our cottage in Bhowali was located. When we first looked at the cottage all was quiet.  However the multistory apartment complex across the street consists of mostly 2-3 day rentals.  Families were arriving at all times during the night.  It did not suffice just to knock on the door to announce their arrival.  No one must honk the horn many times.  Then the loud reunion in the street begins followed by loud music. 

 Kamla mentioned she knew of a good place to rent.  Ram and I were skeptical but we decided to take a look.  Kamla arranged for us to meet with the owner of the cottage.  She was right.  We saw the cottage, immediately liked it and rented it on the spot after some negotiations with the owner.  The area is so peaceful and beautiful.   It is in Ghorachol near the Sainik School.  This is a residential military school for boys ages 10-18. Bhowali market is 4 kilometers or 2½ miles away.  Golu Devta temple, the temple where my prayers were answered and are still answered is a 10 minute walk through the Sainik school grounds from the cottage.  Best of all, Kamla’s will be able to continue to work for as her village is still within walking distance.

Balcony View
Balcony View