Monday, 29 April 2013



We have rented a two bedroom two bathroom cottage that hangs off the side of a mountain in Ghorachal.  Kamla continues to surprise us.  While we were still trying to figure out the logistics of the move itself, Kamila had already found a truck and extra men to help us.  I figured it would take a day Indian Time.  She said that we would have breakfast at the old cottage and lunch in the new cottage.  That is exactly what happened!  The truck arrived around 9 AM and was packed in 30 minutes.  Mind you we have no furniture.  Kamla and the truck left.  Ram, our dog and I followed by taxi, probably a fifteen minute drive at most.  When we arrived, we found the landlord and the cleaning crew finishing up.  Our landlord drove us to a shop back in Bhowali where we bought a mattress for our bed.  The store owner tied the mattress to the top of the car and we were off to the cottage again.  By the time we arrived back the truck was unloaded and Kamla had the kitchen put together and was fixing lunch. 

Stair to front door
Living Dining and Kitchen

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Balcony off both Master Bedrooms

The water that is available to us here will require a water filter.  However a number of the local people walk to an unpolluted spring to get their drinking water.  Kamila insists that that is what she wants to do.   She wants us to get a large container so she can carry it on her head.  I think she is nuts.   The spring is about a half a mile away.  She says, “Why waste money?”  I’m thinking, how is this going to be practical during the monsoons?

Our cottage still needs a few things to make us more comfortable.  It came furnished with bedroom furniture, four patio chairs and a wobbly dining table with no chairs. That is more than I expected.  The water heater has not been hung in the master guest bathroom or the kitchen.  These things will work themselves out in Indian time.  Now I’m happy to be out of the ghetto as Ram describes our old cottage neighborhood.