Wednesday, 3 April 2013


We returned to Golu Devta Temple to give thanks.  On our previous visit I prayed for a home to meet our needs and a long healthy life for my husband.  Immediately after leaving the temple we stopped for lunch at a hotel restaurant.  Ram mentioned we were looking for a house for rent.  We were taken across the street where we found our cottage to rent.  When a prayer is answered one hangs a bell giving thanks. This we did yesterday.                                                       
Ram placed our bell here

Golu Devta Temple

Afterwards we joined our son Jeevan in Dhanachuli.  He and four other doctors participated in a health camp.  This is a government sponsored program for the locals in the area that would otherwise not have access to health care.  Afterwards we had lunch. Lasting friendships were formed.  The couple on the left are from Manchester, England.  The visit India two or three times a year to participate in these camps.                                                                                               

During lunch we indicated we would be interested in renting a furnished cottage in this area.  It happened that there were cottages available.  We saw them after lunch.  One is very much to our liking.  It’s still under construction but will be available soon.  

This area is breathtakingly beautiful and exactly what we are looking for. Unfortunately the snow capped Himalayas are obscured by the clouds It seems our prayers continue to be answered. 
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Himalaya view from the cottage we like
Valley view from the cottage we like